Inspection findings from another permitted mine in Schaghticoke.  Several piles of metal stored at site to be recycled. Belting piles. Broken toilet observed. Remove material not to be used for mining. 

Some recent inspection findings at the proposed mine.  4/20/2016 "Complaint was that they were mining yesterday without a permit.  Excavation has increased in size by about 23 yards across.  Estimated additional gravel removed was ~3500 cu yds more than original excavation(only 750 yds per year are allowed without a permit).  He was told to stop mining until he got his permit."

Inspection findings from a permitted mine in Schaghticoke.  "Grass is growing in pond fines area.  Some of it is OK, but more than half is not acceptable as reclaimed.  The junkyard area still has tires, culverts, pallets, belts, cables, hoses, drums, and other garbage.  VIOLATION of SC#14 - no wastes in mine.  Current mining in NW corner."

Inspections findings from a permitted mine in Schaghticoke.  Violation of SC #9 - No mixed materials can be stored in the LOM. Violation of SC #8:MUST STAKE FRONT PORTION of MINE.

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