Most recent inspection of a mine in Schaghticoke dated 10/22/18. 'Site was active at time of inspection. Tracking onto Allen Road, entrance to site needs to be swept (SC 15). Old equipment and junk around garage, near processing plant, and in woods south of the retention ponds. Any non-mining material or equipment that has reached the end of its useful life should be removed. Spills under most of the parked equipment near the garage (SC 12). All spills, regardless of quantity, must be reported to the Department's Spill Hotline number (1-800-457-7263). The Department recommends fueling and equipment maintenance on a concrete pad to prevent the spills from reaching land of the state of New York. Retention pond behind office is functioning well. Water was observed entering the pond in the south and settling clear. Old dump of material north of the garage was not observed to be leaching to the pond. Area around material was well vegetated. This material is marked on updated Mining Plan Map. Permit markers were not observed (SC 9). Northern area, outside the LOM, appears affected, but this may not due to mining activity. Area appears affected on aerial imagery for many years and may be used for fields or other activity. Permittee must stake northern limit to avoid affecting any area outside the Life of Mine. If modification issued, permittee should also take care to stake all newly permitted areas. Slopes undergoing reclamation along western perimeter are not approvable. The northern slope still has significant erosion gullies. It is recommended to regrade any gullies and reseed any bare areas on both slopes in early spring 2019. The southwestern corner of the site has been covered with topsoil and grass is growing. There is an unvegetated pile of topsoil in this area. This soil may be being used for concurrent reclamation. If not, it should be vegetated as soon as practicable to avoid a loss of the resource. Corn is planted in the southern, central portion of site. The topsoil manufacturing area does appear to be very active. A few piles of old, imported material are stockpiled and vegetated in area. There does not appear to be much recent excavation in souther portion of site. Most activity appears to be in north. The modification area that is not yet permitted has not been affected.'

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